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ORS Tea Tree Oil

ORS Tea Tree Oil

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    This soothing hair and scalp oil utilizes the benefits of Tea Tree Oil to ensure that the scalp is healthy, thus creating the perfect environment for hair to thrive. Native to Australia, the malaleuca tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), from which tea tree oil is derived, is a hardy evergreen-type tree similar to a cypress which may grow to as tall as twenty feet. Traditionally the native people of Australia used it for a variety of personal care uses, especially for the health of skin and hair. Tea tree oil has been used as a cleanser for skin and hair, and its light, spicy aroma has been used for aromatherapy.

    * Not available for sale in Canada or EU.

    How to use
    1. Apply a small amount onto the scalp and massage.

    2. Brush gently to ensure even distribution from root to end. Pay particular attention to the ends of the hair.

    Tea Tree Oil: For centuries Australian Aborigines used Australian Tea Tree Oil for its skin health qualities. Tea Tree Oil helps to calm and cleanse the skin, effectively staying where it is applied. It also adds incredible shine to the hair, lubricates the hair shaft, nourishes and protects the scalp.

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