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Brown Sugar Human Hair Blend Soft Swiss Lace Wig - BSG208

Brown Sugar Human Hair Blend Soft Swiss Lace Wig - BSG208

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MATERIAL: Human Hair Blend
TYPE: Lace Front Wig
LENGTH: Medium

  • Human Hair StyleMix®
  • Lace Front Wig
  • Glueless Lace™
  • Oil Slick Color
  • Patent Application Patent Pending
  • Customized Glueless Unit Innovation!
  • Maximum Comfort & Security
  • Ear to Ear Elastic Band
  • Skin Friendly, Naturally Soft & Comfortable
  • Lace Deep Side Part
  • Swiss Lace Soft
No More Glue. It's Customized Just for You!
After hundreds of hours spent reading and listening to your comments and concerns, we noticed a recurring theme: the desire for a wig to look and feel like my own hair without actually damaging or harming my real hair. Answering this call is our new Brown Sugar Glueless Lace™ Front Wig! This unit was designed with an innovative elastic band which eliminates the need for glue or tape. Achieve the look you always wanted without ripping our your edges or causing any more stress on your hairline. Our Brown Sugar Glueless Lace™ Front Wig is the product you've been searching for. It provides maximum support and a secure snug fit without any adhesive! Reclaim your confidence and get the best taste in styles with the Brown Sugar Glueless Lace™ Front Wig!

  • Elastic Band
  • Snug Tight Fit
  • No Glue Needed
  • Maximum Comfort & Security
  • Quick & Easy Styling
  • No Irritation
  • Skin Friendly
Step By Step Installation

Step 1
Begin by braiding cornrows straight back. Apply a wig cap.
Step 2
Place the Glueless Lace™ Front Wig on your head.
Step 3
Stretch the elastic band towards the nape of your neck, and align it with your natural hairline.
Step 4
To ensure security, push the 3 individual snap clips underneath the elastic band, against your scalp. and into your hair. Bend and snap the clips in place. Style hair as desired.

Washing Instructions
  1. Fill a basin with warm water and submerge the whole wig into the water. Apply a small amount of shampoo and pat it through the hair gently. Take the wig out and rinse it thoroughly. Empty the basin.
  2. Refill the basin with warm water and submerge the whole wig into water. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the wig. Work conditioner through the hair softly and allow to soak for two minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and remove wig from basin.
  4. Gently pat wig dry with a towel and remove any tangles with a wide tooth comb.
  5. Always start combing from ends to roots.
  6. Hair may be styled on a very low heat setting with a hair dryer.
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