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ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm 2 oz

ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm 2 oz

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Fertilizing Temple Balm is a lightweight gel formula rich in hair nutrients and free of petroleum that is a deal for customers with pressed or relaxed hair. A feather light gel based balm rich in over 14 herbal extracts. It contains the same properties as the Fertilizing Serum, with a different viscosity (thickness). This product is gel based.

Fosters lipid (oil) production Nourishes emerging hair shafts Stimulates circulation Soothes nerves close to scalp Imparts nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals Promotes hair growth May be used on relaxed hair, or thermally styled and pressed hair Results, usually 6-12 weeks (results and percent of results do vary with the individual metabolic composition).

How to use
After shampooing and conditioning and styling:*

Apply a small amount (dime size) to affected area(s) only. Massage lightly into scalp with fingertips (cushions of the fingers) for full penetration and proceed with choice of finishing styling techniques.

*Always apply to dry scalp.

Daily Maintenance:

Application is twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.

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