Mizani Relaxer with Sensitive Scalp Formula Activator 7.5oz

Mizani Relaxer with Sensitive Scalp Formula Activator 7.5oz

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MIZANI RHELAXER FORTIFYING with Arginine Technology (ITEM A) IMPORTANT:BEFORE RELAXING : DO NOT SHAMPOO. Check condition of hair and scalp. Avoid vigorous brushing, combing or tugging. Wearing protective gloves, conduct strand test using 'Relaxer Application' directions. Proceed only if hair and scalp are in good condition. MIXING : Pour one conditioner of MIZANI Activator (item B) into jar containing MIZANI Relaxer Base (item A). Using mixing spatula stir together until product is uniform and free of lumps. RELAXER APPLICATION STEP 1 : 1.Apply protective base on skin around hairline and ears. Avoid hair. Set timer according to Timing Chart prior to application of product. See Relaxer timing chart. 2.Wearing protective gloves, apply generous amount of relaxer to most resistant area using back of rattail comb 0.125 inch from sclap. DO NOT apply to scalp. 3.Continue application throughout entire head, parting in thin sections. Complete side sections and applying to hairline last. 4.With back of rattail comb or gloved fingers, gently smooth hair at root until desired straightness is achieved. DO NOT apply pressure. DO NOT exceed recommended timing. 5.Rinse thoroughly with cool water. 6.Proceed to STEP 2: Selecting Option A-Conditioning OR Option B-PHormula 7 Neutralizing/Chelating Shampoo. SIZE : NET WT.7.5 OZ / 213 g MIZANI ACTIVATOR (ITEM B) Sensitive Scalp Formula IMPORTANT : Before applying to hair, thoroughly mix with Creme Relaxer Base (ITEM A). INGREDIENTS : FIL CODE 42207 SS2 AQUA/WATER, GUANIDINE CARBONATE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, ARGININE, TETRASODIUM EDTA POLYQUATERNIUM-16, CI 19140/YELLOW 5, DENATONIUM BENZOATE. SIZE : 2.0 FL OZ / 59 ml 

  • Hair Type: Any
  • Type: Hair Relaxers

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