Hicks Total Transformation Hicks Edges Pomade, 4 fl oz

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The Hicks Total Transformation Hicks Edges Pomade 4 fl oz helps you to get the look that you want. It straightens out curls without having to use harsh chemicals. This hair pomade also provides a strong hold to keep everything firmly in place. It softens the locks and adds a shine so you can stand out from the crowd. You get 4 oz in every jar. It goes on easily and is non-flaky and non-sticky for a more natural appearance. This product is easy to rinse out so you can get clean quickly. Use it after you step out of the shower and dry off to get a look that lasts through the day.

Hicks Total Transformation Hicks Edges Pomade:
  • Straightens hair without the use of chemicals
  • Holds edges smoothly and firmly in place
  • Softens and adds shine
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Controls tapered cuts
  • 4 fl oz of Hicks hair edges per bottle
  • Non-flaky, non-stick and easy to rinse out

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